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Physical Activity: Trailrunning

Contributor 1: Erin Davidson

Contributor 2:

1. Benefits to the Physical Dimension



 Running can helps reduce the risk of many chronic disease such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke just to name a few. It helps to maintain general health. It helps to increase your immune system to better fight of diseases. It also builds muscles and helps to increase your cardiac output which can help increase your lung capcity. Running helps to build the elasticity of your arteries increasing the flow of blood around your body. [1]


2. Benefits to the Interpersonal Dimension

 If you have a running partner, it can help you connect with them. A lot of places now have running clubs, so you have the opportunity to meet people interested in running. In a local newspaper months before a large 5K, there is a running routine to follow and they meet at a local park. They build relationships and find other runners at the same pace who can motivate them while training and during the race. Interpersonal becomes important in motivation for training and during the race. Motivation during running from others can lead to improving times and going farther than before.[2]

3. Benefits to the Intellectual Dimension

Running is related with reduce stress and reduce stress can improve performance at work or school. It can help clear your mind so that you can focus on the task at hand. Many runners perform better in school or at work after a run because their mind is cleared and they are focused at only the task in front of them.


4. Benefits to the Emotional Dimension

 Running reduces stress. It helps improve self-esteem and self-confidence. Many runners claim they get a "high" from running. It increase endorphins in the brain which helps to increase happiness. After a long run, you feel accomplished especially when you have run a harder trail with more hills or longer than before. With all these emotion benefits, running also helps to increase a positive attitude which can flow over into the intellectual dimension and help with relationships. [3]

5. Benefits to the Spiritual Dimension

 The Spiritual demension is something that everyone differs in. Every runner gets something different spiritually from running. For me with trailrunning, I get to experience the environment that we all have been given. This helps me to connect further spiritual. Runner helps us to keep up our bodies which is also part of what we have been given so we are appreciating what we have been given.



6. Benefits to the Environmental Dimension

This connects with the spiritual dimension. While trailrunning, you have a chance to appreciate nature. I enjoy getting to interact in nature. At times I prefer to go on the less used trails to get to see something that not everyone gets to experience. Running has no bad effect on the environment. I think being outside brings an appreciation to nature and helps us to respect it more in our everyday life. Trails are an amazing thing we are given and we should take full advantage of them.



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