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The Effects of Nicotine on The Body

Page history last edited by Rashid Al-Hitmi 11 years, 10 months ago

First Author: Rashid Al-Hitmi


To Begin with, I would like to inform you why I wanted to write about the effects of nicotine in the body. My father was a smoker, and he smoked for over 14 years and then he quit smoking when I was born. I only knew two years ago that my father is was a smoker and he told because he caught me smoking in my room. I have learned from him that smoking is bad, and one of the things that is most harmful to the body whilst smoking is Nicotine.


The Definition of Nicotine: Is a very heavy addictive drug used especially when smoking.


What is Nicotine?

Nicotine is a chemical that is found in the smoke of cigarettes, hookah, cigars, and more. Nicotine is being consumed by inhaling the snoke of tobacco in the lungs, or its can be by second-hand smoking, while just sitting near a smoker. Nicotine also takes about 10 seconds to be distrubuted through out the body, includig the brain.




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