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Scuba Diving

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First Author: Jackie

Second Author:  Kelly Parker

SCUBA Diving


What is SCUBA?

  • SCUBA stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
  • A "diver" uses a tank of compressed air to swim underwater






  • Gives you the same physical activity benefits as swimming
  • It works your cardio-respiratory system [2]
  • Every trip is an adventure [3]
  • Get to see some pretty amazing stuff






 How do I get certified?

  • First you will need to be certified before you can dive
    • Take a class in open water certification; this allows you to dive to 60+ feet[5]
    • At destination locations the class can take from 3-5 days, or you can also take a class that last several weeks or months [6]
  • U of A Class
    • Offers a certification class (PEAC 1831) that takes 8 weeks to complete
    • Sign up on ISIS to get enrolled for next semester
    • The classes are small to give better indiviual attention


What will I learn?

  • Basics of diving techniques
  • How diving affects your body
  • Diving safety
  • Equipment selection and maintenance
  • Confined water training (which is  in a swimming pool or swimming pool like environment)
  • Open water training (which means the open ocean or another large body of water that is used for diving)
  • At the end you will be certified to dive for life![7]




What are the benefits of scuba diving?

  • Health Benefits
    • Exercising in water is great due to the natural resistance of the water
    • Need to be in good health, but do not have to be in excellent shape
    • A great workout that feels effortless at the time
  • Emotional Well-being
    • Calming environment
    • Stress free
    • Learn breathing techniques to help relax the body
  • Skill-building
    • Choose specialty courses such as underwater naturalism, search and rescue, and underwater photography
    • Learn skills for goal setting and learn how to reach them
  • Social Benefits
    • Immediately make friends with the same interests as you
    • Buddy system allows you to depend on someone else and get to know them better
  • Environmental Awareness
    • Educates you on the ecologial aspects of marine life
    • Gain information on ways to volunteer on projects to help marine life
  • Career Opportunties
    • Every instructor started exactly at the point you would start at
    • Maybe you too would fall in love with the wonderful world of marine life
    • Careers include:  divemaster, instructor, underwater photographer, or a marine biologist[9]


Top 10 dive sites:

  1. Rocktail Bay, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
    • See tropical fish, bottle-nosed dolphins, and humpback whales
    • Don't forget to look on shore for the leather-back turtles laying eggs
  2. Rangiroa, Polynesia
    • Be carried through your dive by the incoming tide while sharing the ride with scores of grey reef sharks, dolphins, mantas and sometimes large hammerhead sharks
    • High adrenalin diving
  3. Sulawesi, Indonesia
    • Small cluster of islands off the tip of Sulawesi
    • Lots of pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs, flat worms and healthy coral
  4. The Maldive
    • Great place to see manta rays
    • Considered the best place to dive in the Indian Ocean
  5. Little Cayman, British West Indies
    • Really easy place to dive
    • Extremely clear water
  6. Cocos and Malpelo, Eastern Pacific
    • See schools of hammerhead sharks
    • Very isolated island which give it an extraordinary beauty
  7. The Bismarck Sea, Papua New Guinea
    • Coral, sponges, sea slugs, and all the weirdly shaped micro-creatures that crawl, slither and hop along the reefs
    • Great place for night diving
  8. Sipadan Island, Malaysian Borneo
    • Can get up close and personal with turtles and sharks
    • See mandarin fish
  9. Surin and Similan Islands, Thailand
    • See groups of feeding game-fish as well as whale sharks, mantas and leopard sharks.
  10.  Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands
    • Used as a bomb testing site
    • Shipwreck heaven [10]




So, get out and dive! You don't want to miss an adventure like this!


Scuba Diving with Dolphins

Grand Bahama Island


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