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Rashaad J

Page history last edited by rashaad johnson 11 years, 6 months ago

rlj09@uark.edu coehp.uark.edu/ 

Wiki Assignment 1 Navigating your way around the wiki (20 Points)

Due: MWF class: 10/24, TT class: 10/23


About me


Year of Study: 4


Department: Kins.


My favorite activity is: Fishing, Bowling, Sleep, Basketball


3 words that describe me as a person are: Nice, Crazy, Outgoing

3-2-1 Fitness Concepts


3 things I would like to learn more about in this class:

1. How to stay in shape?

2. How to create a workout plan?

3. How to get in shape?


2 topics I already know something about (in the area of fitness/wellness):

1. Muslce strength

2. Muscle endurse


1 Topic that I would like to do some research about:

1. Muscle Recovery

Favorite Quote: WikiQuoteCrime is contagious. If the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy. ~: Louis Brandeis[1]


Favorite Youtube Video: (embed using Insert plugin/Video/Youtube Video)


Fun Gadget: Find one here: Google Gadgets (embed using Insert Plugin/ Productivity/Google Gadget)




Wiki Assignment 2: Research First Author (30 Points)

Due: MWF class: 11/05, TT class: 11/06

Create an article of your choice!

  1. Chose a topic that you are interested in!
  2. Make sure the topic is specific! (not too broad e.g. health = broad, healthy snacks = specific)
  3. Make sure the topic is not already on the list of the front page (Research topics MUST be approved during computer workshop)
  4. Do some research on your topic
  5. Create a new page and give it a catchy title
  6. Add your name as first author to the page
  7. Find information and paste it in the page
  8. Read the text and change it so you paraphraze the sentences (putting it in your own words)
  9. Make the article attractive and readable by:
    1. using bullets/lists not essay text
    2. use pictures
    3. use youtube informative videos
    4. format page and use headings
  10. Reference everything accordingly using a footnote
  11. Have at least 3 references: 1 from the book, 2 from other sources
  12. Add a link to this section of your personal page


Muscle Recovery 

Wiki Assignment 3: Research Second Author (30 Points)

Due: MWF class: 11/19, TT class: 11/20


Second Author Article (Should take you between 30-60 min)

  • Add your name to an article as second author
  • Add a link to this page (your personal wiki page)
  • Read article and check/correct spelling/grammar
  • Re-write so article is readable and straight forward (too short/long/text vs bullets)
  • Check references / footnotes
  • Format headings
  • Check pictures/videos (make sure they have a title and explain them
  • Enhance the article by adding your own perspective!
  • Add one piece of information that would be beneficial for the reader


Effects of steroids on the human body 

Wiki Assignment 4: Reading and commenting (20 Points)

Due: MWF class: 12/03, TT class: 12/04


Read and Comment on 5 articles on the wiki

Add links to your personal page in this section + add a comment / reflection on each page you have read (what surprised you? What did you learn?)

  1. Benefits of Muscular Strength  i was very surprised that free weigths  strength your body for real life. strengthing is also a way to help people feel good about themselves. i had no ideal that strength training helps restore bone density that you lose while not be active.
  2. Childhood Obesity affecting your future - I really didn't know that we had that many young kids that suffer from obesity. I think that we need to be more aware on the things that the kids eat because this is a really serious problem that may cause death.
  3. Eating right while being fit Eating the proper food is very important, putting things in your body that are not health will only take away form you being fit. its very important that you have a enough intake of crabs, veggies,fruit, and meats.
  4. Enhancing sport performance through nutrition Most athletes need anywhere from 2,00 to 5,00 calories a day. My first meal of the day which is a shake has 1,800 calories in it. It is also important to have a health meal before you play but it should be light. Crabs are the first things that get used by your body that's why its important to eat a lot of crabs.
  5. Healthy Foods for on the Go It important to eat when you can but most of the food we chose to eat on the go is bad for you. If you know that you are going to be eating on the go a apple or a sandwhich is good for you eatting fast food all the time is not good and could cause health issues.






  1. http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Wikiquote:Quote_of_the_day/November_13,_2008

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