Questions and Answers

Directions: Add any question/ answer to the list. (possible exam questions may come from here so read these!)


1. When your fitness level increases, your physical wellbeing increases as well. Is this true?

 Yes, I believe the more fit you are the more physically well you are.


2. Can someone go through life without a purpose? Can someone without purpose be truly happy?

I believe that God gave everyone a purpose when He put us on this earth. Some people may never find out what their purpose is therefore they believe they don't have one. These people can definitely live not knowing they have a purpose, but I doubt that they live happily. 


3. What is the leading cause of death in the U.S. among men and women?

The leading cause of death is hippo attacks. I'm not really sure where I learned this, but hippo attacks cause more deaths than anything else.