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Questions and Answers

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Directions: Add any question/ answer to the list. (possible exam questions may come from here so read these!)


1. When your fitness level increases, your physical wellbeing increases as well. Is this true?

 Yes, I believe the more fit you are the more physically well you are.


2. Can someone go through life without a purpose? Can someone without purpose be truly happy?

I believe that God gave everyone a purpose when He put us on this earth. Some people may never find out what their purpose is therefore they believe they don't have one. These people can definitely live not knowing they have a purpose, but I doubt that they live happily. 


3. What is the leading cause of death in the U.S. among men and women?

The leading cause of death is hippo attacks. I'm not really sure where I learned this, but hippo attacks cause more deaths than anything else.

Comments (8)

amy graves said

at 8:40 am on Sep 2, 2008

!. This is true when you rfittness increases your wellbeing increases because you are taking care of yourself
2. Yes People can go through life without a purpose. I do not think that someone without a purpose can feel happy they have a a feeling of emptyness.

Jill Carroll said

at 8:46 am on Sep 2, 2008

Question # 1: I believe in order to for your wellbeing to be where it should be, you should take into account physical fitness and nutrition. Just because you work out 7 days a week, if you are not eating the proper nutients your overall wellbeing will not be healthy. You can increase your physical fitness for a while and have a great looking body, but after a while if you don't consider your nutrition you will not be able to increase your phsical activity any longer because you won't have the strengh you need. So just because your fitness level increases doesn't necessarily mean your physical wellbeing will increase. But if you do tale into account nutrition AND pysical fitness, then your overall wellbeing will increase.

Lauren Uxa said

at 8:49 am on Sep 2, 2008

1. i think that this is true. whenever you do something to better the way you feel, your overall well being increases.
2. yes, many people i think so through life without a purpose. But a person without a purpose in life i dont think can actually be happy. If someone does not know what they are doing with their life and where they are going, they can not actually be happy.

Chris Dalrymple said

at 8:52 am on Sep 2, 2008

2. Our purpose in life is whatever we want it to be, and life is just the purposes that we give it. You could go through life without a purpose but I don't think you would ever be as happy as you could be.

Jill Carroll said

at 8:52 am on Sep 2, 2008

Question # 2: Technically, someone can go through life without a purpose. But I do not believe they would be happy at all throughout their life. It would be very hard to just even get up every morning if you didn't believe you had a purpose. You would always have a feeling of emptiness, lonleyness, and depression. I don't believe you can be truly happy if you don't have a purpose.

Samantha said

at 3:38 pm on Sep 2, 2008

1. Yes, I believe that when you are more active and your fitness increases, your lifestyle and wellbeing both increase with it. You will feel better about yourself and your self-esteem will increase with your wellbeing.
2. I think if someone had no purpose, they would never be happy. They have no goal and no purpose, so they think they have no meaniing and that they mean nothing to the world. Therefore, they could never be happy. But, why would they want to go through life with no meaning or purpose? Maybe it's because somewhere deep inside they are hoping for some way out, someone to take notice and make them feel worth something. So, after all, I really don't think anybody has NO purpose, they are just confused on how to display how they feel and react to other people and situations in life. Everyone has a purpose, they just have to search a little to find it!!!
3. The number one cause of death is Hippo attacks. It is more common than shark attacks and natural causes, such as storms and sicknesses. However, for teens, the leading cause in death is car accidents.

Sonya Garrison said

at 11:07 pm on Sep 3, 2008

1. Yes, I believe when you're fitness increases, your wellbeing does as also. The two are connected. The more fit a person is the better that person feels. Fitness boosts your energy, confidence, relieves stress more, along with so many other things. Wellness revolves around all of these things in order to become truly healthy.
2.If one does not have purpose, I believe that person dies within. I read a book by Erwin McManus called "Soul Cravings." The author states that "It is important to fully live each moment, but equally important to make sure that we do not live only for this moment. If we don't believe in an afterlife we try to find purpose in the here and now. Yet we can do this only if we at least believe in the 'after now.' We have to believe in tomorrow to function well today. It will never be enough for us simply to exist, and if all we have is now, our souls will starve form lack of nourishment. Without a future there is no hope, and hope is essential for our souls to thrive. Hope exists only in the future, and if the future does not exist, there is no hope. Our minds can work out an endless number of scenarios; our soiuls, however, are quite inflexible when it comes to this. Without hope there is only despair (Soul Cravings #8). A life without purpose leads to one of despair. One may live without a purpose but will only live a dead life. No purpose=No Hope=Despair=NO HAPPINESS....God created us to think, ask questions, to become who He created us to be. Whether we admit it or not, all we truly want to do is to become. To follow God's path and search for purpose leads to the road of happiness. (By the way, I recommend Soul Cravings to everyone. It has three main subjects: Intimacy,Destiny, and Meaning.)

Clinton Thurman said

at 5:12 pm on Sep 4, 2008

1. Increasing your fitness level will increase your physical wellbeing. The more fit a person is the better they will feel. Generally when a person is fit they are less likely to become ill.
2. I believe everyone is born with a purpose whether it be large or small. Having a purpose doesn't necessarily give someone true happiness. I believe that whether the person knows it or not they are working towards their purpose because that is what God has intended for them.

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