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Physical Activity: Pilates

Contributor 1: Ashley Mena

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1. Benefits to the Physical Dimension

Pilates is extremely beneficial physically on your body. It works and stretches certain muscles you can stretch by just doing a "normal" work out. It increases your strength and flexibility. Your abdomen and back muscles are key componets in a pilates work out. Pilates teaches your body and mind balance and control. Breathing and concentration are two other physical components that are worked hard in this type of physical activity.[2]

  • proper alignment
  • centering
  • concentration
  • control
  • precision
  • breathing

Your breathing improves your skin tone,improves your circulation,encourages your concentration,provides a rhythm for movement,and oxygenates the blood and nourishes the body on a cellular level.

  • flowing movemen

Pilates focuses on "the powerhouse," a part of the body that includes the abdominals, the buttocks, the back and the thigh muscles. Through a series of repetitive exercises, Pilates both draws strength from that area, and builds strength there. Working these muscles helps support the rest of the muscles in the skeletal system. You benefit from pilates all over.


2. Benefits to the Interpersonal Dimension

Pilates is an infusion and union of your body and mind, making your mind and body one. It relaxes you while stretching and building muscles. If you are relaxed and releasing endorphins while doing pilates it helps your interpersonal relationships because you are less tense and feeling relieved. It's more than just exercises, its an "approach to life".[4]

3. Benefits to the Intellectual Dimension


Since pilates relaxes and works many different muscles in your body you should feel a lot better after working out. Which makes you focus and pay attention more to what is going on around you. Especially in school. If you work out before school you should feel refreshed, focused and ready to learn. Pilates is not only physical but is a mental workout. It brings about self-awareness, relaxation, and creativity. Pilates creates concentration by stimulating the frontal lobe of the brain.[5]

4. Benefits to the Emotional Dimension

Pilates plays an emotional benefit to your body as well. You can go to pilates classes with a partner or a friend and develop an emotional bond to that person and form a relationship. Working out with a partner can sometimes be more motivating and fun! Pilates can create a fun, harmonious group dynamics and social skills. 

5. Benefits to the Spiritual Dimension

Pilates can also reduce your stress and increase your emotional self awareness. Pilates keeps your spirits up, knowing that you are working out, keeping in shape, and feeling good and relaxed while you are doing it. Pilates carries a type of spiritual component. It keeps your spirits and mind in shape, as well as your body. Pilates main goal is aiming at a happy spirit.[6]

Spiritual wholeness: "Pilates promotes the idea of mindfulness, or being in the moment, in order to achieve happiness and spiritual fulfillment."[7]

6. Benefits to the Environmental Dimension

Pilates can be performed in any type of environment. In a classroom, in a group, alone, outside... anywhere where you feel comfortable and where you feel like you are getting a legitimate workout.  










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