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Little time to eat and stay fit solutions

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First author: Leonard

Second Author: Katie Salling



Who Knew???  Healthy Options that Require Hardly any of Your Time!!


This article is very beneficial to everyone, especially myself.  With little time and less money, fast food is a great option for people like me.  But after reading these tips, I am better prepared for my future meals on the go armed with this new knowledge.  Your body will thank you too!!



There are many ways to keep the body and mind fit. Eating nutritious foods is one of the most important. Not having time to eat well is an issue for alot of people, so I am going to give you some tips on how to help.


  • Something as simple as packing you little meals in the morning before you start your day can help you get the energy and supliments your body needs throughout the day.
  • Examples are foods the are high in sugars, potassium, good fats, sodium, protein, fiber, and vitamins A, B, and C
  • Vegtiables, seeds, juices, white meat, fruits, breads, nuts and so on are some examples of good foods.



Eating On The Go - Avoid the Fast Food Trap!



*HINT*- Tuna or chicken salad is a very simple way to make a quick and healthy lunch![1]


  • One of the easiest lunch items to 'throw together' is a tuna or chicken salad. Put your serving of tuna or chicken in a bowl, mix in some yogurt or whole grain mustard to start. The add in list could be endless. Add what you like and what time allows. This could include: olives, green peas, black beans, chopped onion, diced apple, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, just about anything goes. It can serve as a meal by itself.
  • How about packing a sandwich? A slice of low fat cheese, some lean cuts of deli meat on some whole grain or 'lite' wheat bread takes no time at all is in many times healthier that the greasy burger alternative you could end up with. Add some carrots, celery, green pepper slices or any other fresh cut veggie for a healthy side item.
  • Here is an odd combination that works very well. Buy a package of the smaller size containers of cottage cheese (low fat), and put a serving of your favorite healthy dry cereal in a container. When you are ready to eat, mix up the cottage cheese with the cereal and enjoy! A great combination of protein and carbohydrates to keep you energized. Choose a cereal with some fiber and not too dense on the calories. Read your labels and make sure you know what you are eating. [2]



 Don't Give in to Fast Food yet!! Here's Some tips for a Convenience Store!!


*HINT*- Grabbing a protein bar from a convience store is just as fast and easy as getting some fast food...except its healthier!!


  • Most convenience stores have a food section. Often you can find tuna and salsa. If you don't have a bowl or a plate, no problem. Bowls, plates, and utensils are readily available at most convenience stores. Simply mix up the tuna with some salsa. While the sodium may be a bit high, it is still better than just about anything you might get from fast food. Plus, if you are trying to lose weight, this combo is very low calorie.


  • Foods such as hard boiled eggs and pre-made deli meat sandwiches can usually be found. The portion sizes are 'average', as compared to the over-sized meals the fast food industry likes to serve us. Often you can find convenient packs of vegetables to snack on, and most all have some fresh fruit available.


  • If there are not any good food items to make a convenience store 'meal', then look to the next option. Protein bars or energy bars, however you like to think of them. Many convenience stores have a good variety of these health bars.


  • Protein bars can make a nice meal substitute when you are in a pinch, and is still much better than a large order of fries. Buy a few, so you can have another for a snack later. Make sure to check the nutrition labels. A decent bar should have at least 5 grams of protein and less than 40 grams of carbohydrates if you are trying to manage your weight. The more protein in an energy bar, the better.  [3]



Feel like Your Only Option is Fast Food?? Use These tips to eat "Smart" at Fast Food Restaurants:


  • Look for salads with grilled chicken instead of fried or breaded chicken. 
  • Many restaurants offer fruit, yogurt, or a small salad instead of fries.
  • Get a kids meal!! Instead of the regular super sized meal.
  • Add more fresh vegetables on your burger and hold the condiments and cheese.



Don't forget to check out the video...you won't regret it!

This short video gives a couple great (and easy) tips to eating healthier when you have a busy schedule!


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Comments (3)

Kim S said

at 6:29 pm on Dec 3, 2008

This article is very informative. My schedule is pretty busy, and this article gave me some great ideas when i'm on the run.

rmdillar said

at 8:07 pm on Dec 3, 2008

This gives great ways to eat healthy I know I sometimes find myself in the fast food trap! This tells a lot of great ways how to not fall into that trap!!

jriddel said

at 3:50 am on Dec 8, 2008

There are some very good tips in here! I especially fall into the fast food traps and will sometimes settle for worse food especially when I'm working. I need to prepare my own meals and eat much better.

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