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Behavior Change Contract

My behavior change will be not missing classes or sleeping in.


A)  Personal Statement of why you are choosing this behavior modification and why this will benefit your overall health. Keep in mind it can be for your social, emotional, physical, spiritual or mental health. (1 paragraph)

-The reason why I am choosing this behavior change is because i have already overslept once during a class and do not plan on doing it again. Every time I miss a class, I get behind and it gets harder for me to keep up. The reason this can benefit me is because it will get me prepared for my career and how important it is to be at every class/work day.


B) I plan to take the following steps to implement my behavior change;

1.set my alarm

2.get to bed by a decent time

3.find the best time to leave for whatever I have that day

4.eat healthy


 C) Strategies I have for keeping on my plan;

1.setting my alarm

2.not letting my roommates let me sleep in

3.make sure I'm back to my dorm at a decent time


 D) I plan to reward my success by

1.having something good to eat every week, once a week

2.going out w my friends when I have all my work done




1) Occupational Wellness- I learned that I need more time for myself during my job. It really stresses me out a lot and i need to just be able to have fun, while working at the same time.

2) Stess-Management Techniques- I listed several stresses that I have in my life and then out to the side of these different stresses, I named a few ways I could try and relieve these stresses, these included: taking a walk, laying down for a while, or just talking w a girl friend.

3) Rate Your Families Strengths- In this lab, it asked about ten questions and for me to rate them from 1 to 5. I came to conclude that my family and I have a very good relationship with eachother, which, I already knew and was very happy about.

4) What Triggers Your Eating- I found that when I tend to eat more than necessary, it is because of stress issues. Most of my stresses include relationships with family and friends, sorority stuff, and school. I need to find a way to balance all these things out to the best of my ability so I am not so stressed out and then resort to eating.

5) Self-Esteem Inventory- Like every girl, there are times that I look at myself and wish I could change something about my over all appearance. But after taking this quiz, I realized that I have a very high self-esteem image of myself.



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