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Introduction to Wellness

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Interesting Facts!

- "Obesity is responsible for more than 100.000 deaths"[1]

- Living life to the fullest means something different to everyone!


Wellness: The New Health Goal!

In the past health = absence of disease.

Now: health > wellness = living life to the fullest!

Depends MAINLY on: the decisions you make in life! You can't "look" for wellness, you can't "find" a healthy lifestyle, you have to "CREATE" one that fits you!



6 Dimensions of Wellness [2]

1. Physical Wellness  (health, fitness level) See Q&A1

2. Emotional Wellness (ability to understand and deal with feelings)

3. Intellectual Wellness (Challenge your mind!)

4. Interpersonal Wellness (develop and maintain positive relationships, ability to understand feelings of others)

5. Spiritual Wellness (beliefs and values that guide you through life, give you purpose) Q&A2

6. Environmental Wellness (your role in the environment)




A Seventh Dimension?

Occupational Wellness is often suggested to have a considerable effect on our overall wellness.

Occupational health refers to the level of happiness and fulfillness you gain through your work.  Other aspects of occupational wellness include: financial wellness, feeling of achievement, enjoyable work, recognition.

Q: How important is it to you to find a job you love doing? What if you have a family/ financial responsibilities? How does this affect your choice of job (aka occupational wellness)?


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1. What are the 6 dimensions of health?

2. Match each dimension with its definition.

3. What 7th dimension seems important to be incorporated into the wellness wheel?



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  2. http://www.emich.edu/wellness/dimensions_of_wellness.htm

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