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improving flexibility after knee surgery

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Improving Flexibility after Knee Surgery


  • Flexibility is a major health-related component of fitness
  • Stretching exercises help to improve or maintain flexibility
  • A stretching routine will help you maintain or improve your current flexibility so you feel great!
  • Remember that your muscles are very smart.  If you bounce while you are stretching, your muscles will not allow you to stretch
  • Make sure you stretch to the point of tension



Different types of stretches for your lower body


Calf Stretch- sit up tall with good posture, stretch the calf with the knee straight (not locked) and again with the knee bent to stretch both calf muscles


Shin and Hip Flexor Stretch-relax the back knee on the ground with the toe under, make sure the front heel is on the ground and keep the chin up for good posture


Quadricep Stretch- lie face down with the hip bones touching the ground and bend one knee to you butt, add your arm to the foot only if you can maintain your hip on the ground. (the same stretch standing is just as effective


Hamstring Stretch- While lying on your back, relax your hip on the ground, keep you toe relaxed and add the arms below the knee if needed


Glut Stretches- lying on your back, relax the hip on the ground and pull the knee towards the chest, keep the foot relaxed, this is also a lower back stretch

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