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Holistic Health and Wellness

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First Author:

Second Author: Jill Carroll


Who is Dr. Mink?

Dr. Ed Mink is the director of Health Promotions and Education here at he University of Arkansas. He has recieved his doctorate degree in health science. In the first 10 years of his career he worked in an addiction program and dealt mostly with treating medical conditions.  But he has now changed his course and is in the business of hollistic health and wellness. He works with proactive heath, meaning keeping your body healthy in order to not get sick or diseased.


Hollistic Health

Hollistic helth is defined by by Dr. Mink as unity and balance of the body. In order to have true hollistic health you must keep all 6 dimensions of wellness in mind.


  • Physical Health-      

1. Keep your body "oiled" and working and moving properly

2. Drink lots of water

3. Eat like you should

4. Get plenty of rest each night


  • Mental Health-    

Keep your brain functioning!

Study and read to keep your mind healthy.


  • Emotional Health-   

If you are hurt, sad, depressed, or any other negative emotion, it can affect your physical health


  • Social Health-    

Interact with others and keep healthy relationships with poeple!


  • Spiritial Health-   

However you worship, make sure it doesn't harm your physical, mental, or emotional health.


Dr. Mink also says that being truly mindful is a big part of staying healthy.

Being mindful is being fully and completely present in the current moment. To help you to be mindful each day you should try these things:


Mindful breathing-

  • you are only thinking and concentrating on your breathing, in and out



Put a little nonsense in your life-

  • do things for pure joy
  • be spontaneous


Go to your sanctuary every day-

  • go to a place to get away from the business of your day



  • you need an equivalent of 10,000 steps daily


Time Management-

  • plan
  • prioritize
  • act on everything you put your hands on
  • don't procrastinate



Exam Questions

Jill Carroll


1. Dr. Mink received his doctorate degree in

     a. holistic heath

     b. science and health

     c. health science

     d. addictions


2. Holistic health is unity and balance of the body.

True                              False


3. In order to have true holistic health you only need to concentrate on your social health.

True                              False


4. Being mindful is

     a. breathing a lot

     b. being fully and completely present in the current moment

     c. closing your eyes for 5 minutes

     d. thinking of others before yourself


5. You need an equivalent of 100,000 a day.

True                                  False


6. What is Health? - Absence of disease

7. What is holistic health? - the philosophy of medical care that views physical and mental aspects of life as closely interconnected and equally important approaches to treatment. Using all of the dimensions!



Comments (3)

Helena Baert said

at 11:10 am on Sep 30, 2008

Excellent JIll! Final step: Add 5 exam questions, once you do 5, I will add 5 more :) Good job!

Callie Grant said

at 9:48 pm on Oct 13, 2008

This is a great article! It reminds me to keep all 6 deminsions of wellness in mind

Kendra Watts said

at 11:27 pm on Oct 13, 2008

Good job!

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