Healthy Foods for on the Go

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Second Author: Chelsi Isbell



Healthy Foods For on The Go


Do you feel like you are constantly on the run from place to place?  People today tend to forget about eating healthy when they are constantly going, and this tends to result in people eating out or stopping at fast food restaurants for all their main meals.  Choices made by these individuals are not always the healthiest, and rarely do these choices meet the suggested guidelines of the food pyramid.



The Food Pyramid 




The Food Pyramid Guidelines/Categories:  [2]



Most individuals do not receive the daily recommended amounts of nutrients.  Instead of eating out or at fast food restaurants try packing a healthy lunch the night before or before you leave for the day.  Foods can be refrigerated as long as you use an insulated lunch box or by using cold packs.  Replacing snacks such as candy bars or chips with healthy snacks will also help keep you energized throughout the day.





Snacks may include the following: [3]        





Other Healthy Snacks On The Go- Granola Bars

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Examples of Healthy Lunches to Pack: [5]    




Example of a Healthy Lunch 



With these healthy food choices for lunch and snack times for when you're on the go, you'll be closer to meeting the food pyramid guidelines.  All it takes is a little extra time in the evening or morning to put these quick, easy, healthy foods together, and then you'll be ready for the long day ahead of you.  So forget the junk food and try some of these tasty, healthy foods.


A Few More Tips For Eating on The Go! 


               - Of course it should be something healthy, for instance something from one of the previous lists.

               -Stop at a local grocery store and grab some fruit or veggies.

               -Some stores even have healthy pre-made salads and sandwiches you can buy.

               -Get something grilled rather than fried

               -Order a diet coke rather than a regular coke

               -When you do order your sandwich ask for no mayo

               -This will help keep you from eating junk food



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