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Gyminee Project Phase 2

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Phase 2: Using Gyminee to your advantage!


Task 1: Your Health Journal

Everyone has a health journal when you click Lockerroom.

You can write in the health journal about your path to stay or become fit and well!

This week, here are a few questions you need to answer in your health journal. Use a different journal entry for each question.


Journal Entry 1: What are your fitness goals? What would you like to work on during these 8 weeks?

Think about a goal that you can aim for, write down what it is and why you chose that fitness goal.

Journal Entry 2:  Which fitness components do you need to develop to achieve each goal?

Journal Entry 3: What prevents you from being active when you need to? What are your barriers?


Task 2: Discussion Forums

Click on forum up on the top



Choose a forum and read some of the comments. Post a comment or a question or answer to one of the discussion forums.



Task 3: Group messages

Go to Group: UARK Fitness concepts group. 

Go to recent group messages. Create new subject.

Explain to the group where you made a comment in the forum. (Which forum and what was it about) 


Task 3: Tracking your physical Workouts

During this project you must track your Physical Workouts for at least 5 weeks to receive FULL credit.


  • Go to Workouts
  • Search for the exercises that you did
  • If you follow a particular program, you may want to look for that program. (Find workout programs)
  • Submit your progress
  • If you forget to submit your progress one day, you can always enter it in the next day, just make sure you change the date.
  • Even if you walk during the day you should still add that!
  • As you go through the next phases you will be able to try the exercises that you’ve created. In other words, begin logging the workouts within your complete program. Have you created a workout that was too ambitious or overwhelming. Or are you able to keep up with your plan comfortably?



Ready for Phase 3? Click HERE 

If you would like to find out how your project is graded, click HERE

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