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Did you know you could exercise while driving- It's true!!!

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     You might be driving long-distance or just going right across town when you feel the random energy spurt while in your vehicle and wish you could exercise. Well this article provides how you can take advantage of this time and multitask while driving! While being the driver you can work on the abs, booty, arms, sides, and even face muscles!


    • Suck in your belly, tense your stomach muscles, sit-up straight and tall, somewhat sway back and forth about twenty-five times.
    • In about twenty sets, basically constrict your gluteus maximus (booty) and hold for about five seconds.
    • This works amazing if you have a console, if not, you put something there that could substitue that is about the same height. Your arm would rest on that and using a very light weight (one or two pounds) perform arm curls for both arms and you can use your door handle for the other arm. A set of twenty arm curls is recommended for each arm.
    • Twist your upper body and hold for atleast five seconds in each direction. This will also provide a relief to your back if you have been driving for a while.
    • FOR THE NOSE::
      • pinch your nose with one hand and pull your upper lip with the other hand.
    • FOR THE LIPS::
      • Flex the corners of your mouth (like you're sucking on a lemon) and push on the corners with your thumb and finger until you feel the slight burn.
    • FOR THE EYES::
      • Raise your eyebrows up and down atleast five times.



     It is recommended to get at least ten to fifteen minutes in your day to exercise, so use the time in the vehicle to get that done and perhaps go to the gym after!!