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Chapter 3 Cardiorespiratory Endurance

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Chapter 3: Cardio-Respiratory System (Heart and Lungs)


-breath in oxygen to lungs then to heart

-then it goes to all the muscles

-then carbon dioxide is let out


blood vessels

            *arteries- carry blood away from the heart

            *veins- carry blood to the heart

            *capillaries- carry blood to rest of the body



            *alveoli- tiny sacs in the lungs through whose walls CO2 and O2 diffuse in and out pf the blood



            *pulmonary- right side pumps blood to heart

            *systemtic- left side pumps blood to rest of the body


Blood Pressure-120/80

            *systole- contraction of the heart

            *diastole- relaxation of the heart


At Rest                         During exercise

heart rate                                  50-90                                                   170-210

breathing                                  12-20                                                   40-60

blood pressure                          110/70                                                 175/65

cardiac output                           5                                                          20       

blood distributed                       15%                                                     85%



carotid artery- in he neck

radial artery- in your wrist


Resting HR= ____x6=____bpm

Max HR=220-age

HR Zone

            65%: Max HRx.65=___bpm

            90%: Max HRx.90=___bpm


Energy Production

metabolism- the sum of all the chemical processes necessary to maintain the body


energy from food- carbs, fat, protein

            -broke down into glucose

            -stored as glycogen

ATP- energy currency of cells


3 systems:

1. immediate- high intensity for use of power or sprints: 0-10 sec

2. non-oxidative- high intensity: 10sec-2min

3. oxidative- greater than 2 min


Benefits of Cardio-Respiratory System

-improves: cardio function, metabolism, control of fat, immune function, and psychological well being

-reduces diseases like cancer, cardiovascular, type 2 diabetes, and osteoporosis






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