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Physical Activity: Ballet

Contributor 1: Makayla Jorgensen

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1. Benefits to the Physical Dimension

     Ballet has many positive effects on the physical dimension of health.  It is a great way to exercise daily.  It helps to improve posture, coordination, and rhythm.  Strength is a must for ballet.  The difficult postions make muscle tone crucial for any performer.[2]  In addition to strength, ballet also takes extreme flexibility.  You must impliment stretching to your everyday routine in order to stay flexible.  Another physical aspect of ballet is balance.  It is important to work on your sense of balance in order to be graceful on stage.[3]  Lastly ballet, builds endurance and increases stamana by keeping your heart rate elevated.[4]

2. Benefits to the Interpersonal Dimension

      Ballet improves poise while allowing you to become more comfortable in front of an audience.  Discipline learned during ballet training can be applied to other areas of life, school, work.  You also meet many new people when involved in ballet.  These could include other performers as well as coaches. Strong bonds are formed with these people as you all work towards one common goal - putting on a good show.  Bonds are especially formed between ballet partners.[5]

3. Benefits to the Intellectual Dimension

      While participating in ballet you must learn organization and responsiblity.  You must be organized with practices and it is your responsibilty to be there and try your hardest.  It also allows you to focus on their creativity and aquire appreciation for classical music and other ballets and dancers.  Ballet also greatly improves memory. You must memorize complex positions and routines.  This becomes harder when a partner is added to a performance because you need to know what you are supposed to do along with what they should do in case one of you should falter.[6]



4. Benefits to the Emotional Dimension

     Ballet is a great way to channel energy in a postive way.  Many participate in ballet to effectively manage stress.  Because ballet is a form of dance and deals with music it is regarded as highly theraputic. [8]  Ballet can improve self-esteem as well as social skills.[9]

5. Benefits to the Spiritual Dimension

     Ballet teaches you to have a healthy respect for body and mind.  The body and the mind are each important aspects of ballet.  Because ballet allows you to be in touch with nature it has postive effects on your spiritual well-being.[10]

6. Benefits to the Environmental Dimension

     SanderO reflects about ballet in nature on Ballet Talk -

"Ballet is a rather structured and rigorous artform which is performed on a stage in front of an audience with live or recorded music, sets and so forth in "set pieces" which are choreographed, costumes and sets and all. We all love this.

But I was thinking, you have these trained dancers with all this "energy" in their body and do they have just let loose somewhere like a mountain top, or a gorgeous valley, under a sunset... along the seaside. I would think that the beauty of nature might inspire some dancers to dance almost spontaneously."[11]


     Ballet is very much about mind, body, and spirit, but it also has a close connection with nature.  Sets for ballet performances are often nature scenes dipicted on stage.  Ballet helps your create a connection with nature and your surroundings.



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