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Page history last edited by Ashlee 11 years, 7 months ago

Wiki Assignment 1 Navigating your way around the wiki (20 Points)

Due: MWF class: 10/24, TT class: 10/23


About me: Ashlee Roberts


Year of Study: Freshman


Department: Kinesiology


My favorite activity is: Hanging out with friends


3 words that describe me as a person are: Outgoing, Loyal, Friendly

3-2-1 Fitness Concepts


3 things I would like to learn more about in this class:

1. The Body

2. Different Exercises

3. Different Sports


2 topics I already know something about (in the area of fitness/wellness):

1. Nutrition

2. How to stay healthy


1 Topic that I would like to do some research about:

1. Nutrition and Performance

Favorite Quote: WikiQuote: Love and music and happiness and family, that's what it's all about. I believe in these things. It would be awful not to, wouldn't it? ~ Julie Andrews [1]



Favorite Youtube Video:

Good Doctor?

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Fun Gadget: 




Wiki Assignment 2: Research First Author (30 Points)

Due: MWF class: 11/05, TT class: 11/06

Create an article of your choice!

  1. Chose a topic that you are interested in!
  2. Make sure the topic is specific! (not too broad e.g. health = broad, healthy snacks = specific)
  3. Make sure the topic is not already on the list of the front page (Research topics MUST be approved during computer workshop)
  4. Do some research on your topic
  5. Create a new page and give it a catchy title
  6. Add your name as first author to the page
  7. Find information and paste it in the page
  8. Read the text and change it so you paraphraze the sentences (putting it in your own words)
  9. Make the article attractive and readable by:
    1. using bullets/lists not essay text
    2. use pictures
    3. use youtube informative videos
    4. format page and use headings
  10. Reference everything accordingly using a footnote
  11. Have at least 3 references: 1 from the book, 2 from other sources
  12. Add a link to this section of your personal page

 Exercise guidelines for children age 5-10

Stress management tools for freshman students


Wiki Assignment 3: Research Second Author (30 Points)

Due: MWF class: 11/19, TT class: 11/20


Second Author Article (Should take you between 30-60 min)

  • Add your name to an article as second author
  • Add a link to this page (your personal wiki page)
  • Read article and check/correct spelling/grammar
  • Re-write so article is readable and straight forward (too short/long/text vs bullets)
  • Check references / footnotes
  • Format headings
  • Check pictures/videos (make sure they have a title and explain them
  • Enhance the article by adding your own perspective!
  • Add one piece of information that would be beneficial for the reader



Wiki Assignment 4: Reading and commenting (20 Points)

Due: MWF class: 12/03, TT class: 12/04


Read and Comment on 5 articles on the wiki

Add links to your personal page in this section + add a comment / reflection on each page you have read (what surprised you? What did you learn?)

  1. Obesity related illnesses: This article was interesting, a lot of people are not aware of how dramatically diebetes affects a person's life.   
  2. How to maintain weight in college: This article is helpful for freshman college students if they want to know how to avoid the "freshman 15"
  3. Overexercising: This article is helpful to people who work out regularly.  This can help them look for signs of overexercising, so it doesn't affect their health.
  4. Exercising in hot weather: This article is very useful for athletes and people who live in states where the summers can get very hot.  They can now be aware of the symptoms and know how to take care of themselves.
  5. Alcohol consumption: Since alcohol consumption is increasing on college campuses, this article can help students be more aware of the dangers of drinking and hopefully allow them to make better decisions.   






  1. http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Wikiquote:Quote_of_the_day/October

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Exercise guidelines for children age 5-10 - Approved

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Please be 2nd author on Stress management tools for freshman students - Ch 9

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